Bali Villa Association Anniversary -18th , 31st May 2024 Always Strong and exist in the challenge of Global Economic & Politic Crisis in the World


31st May 2024 8:00 AM

BVA will hold its 18th anniversary event which will be held on Friday 31 May 2024. This will be attended by the Regent of Badung and high ranking tourism officials from the provinces of Bali and Badung and the Head of PHRI Bali along with all members of the Bali Villa.

The theme of the event is Stay in Bali Stay in Bali where villas are a favourite accommodation for International & Domestic travellers with facilities and services like star hotels. With the presence of villas, it is hoped that regional income from villa taxes will increase so that the regional economy of Bali and Badung in general can improve.

In the connection of the event, several previous activities were held, including training and beach clean-up events involving all Bali Villa members. It is hoped that this training will improve the quality of the skills of villa employees and the community's social environmental activities by cleaning up rubbish on Petitenget beach.

It is hoped that the BVA committee will continue the program of activities that have been planned for the BVA period 2021 - 2025.

So that BVA will always exist in the future and contribute to the villa owners themselves, the Government and the people of Bali.

Once again, Happy 18th BVA Anniversary, May you always be successful.

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