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Bali Villa Association has been formed flowing as it is around 2000 since the opening of several Villas in the Seminyak area and has become popular as an alternative place for tourists to live at high prices with classy service. Initially, BVA was only formed as a place to gather, chat to discuss villa issues, then they were inspired to form a villa association and invite hoteliers who are villa managers and GMs as committee administrators. From year to year more and more members participate and until now are seen and partnered with by the local government to discuss policies, regulations, security, environment, permits and several tourism issues, especially villas. Currently BVA has a key point in contributing to regional income, society, social activities, events, charity, development and improvement of tourism school education both formally and non-formally and especially reducing unemployment.

We admit that most of the existing villas are in the Badung area as Bali tourism and most of the BVA members are from the Badung area, even so, BVA has chapter as representatives for each district to facilitate monitoring in one forum.


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Who We Are

Bali Villa Association (BVA) is a non-profit organization of villas in Bali striving to ensure that Bali achieves and becomes the most desired luxury accommodation for pleasure and business leading to sustainable tourism.

Bali Villa Association is under the aegis of the Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (IHRA/PHRI).

Tagline: Stay in Bali, Stay in Villas



To become a legitimate, independent and beneficial private organization for its members, and at the same time as a good working partner for the government in implementing its various policies.

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  1. Become a partner of the government and authorities in regulating the legality of villa accommodation in Bali in general & Badung Regency in particular.
  2. Establishing good cooperation with the government in realizing quality tourism in terms of providing official, safe & reliable villa accommodation for tourists.
  3. Assist regional, district and city governments in taking an active role in increasing Regional Original Tax (PAD).
  4. Continue to build the impression that Villa accommodation has better competitiveness in the eyes of tourists and the general public in order to avoid incidents that could damage the image of Bali Tourism and Villa accommodation in particular through programs recommended by the central and regional governments which are currently ongoing through CHSE certification SNI 9042 and certificates in the New Era Life Order Protocol which are also marketing tools for all of us, a message that Bali is ready for the New Era and is qualified to once again receive and welcome tourists, both domestic and foreign, who come on holiday to Bali.
  5. Take part in maintaining a more comfortable and safer quality environment.
  6. Improving the quality and competitiveness of human resources to obtain a better standard of living.
  7. Take part in maintaining a quality environment that is more comfortable and safe for the general public and tourists.
  8. Participate in the success of government policies in enforcing regulations both regarding companies and employment contained in the vision of the Bali Provincial government "NANGUN SAT KERTHI LOKA BALI".
  9. Strengthen collaborative relationships with various parties, and participate in providing input and suggestions to the Bali Provincial Government and city districts in developing Bali tourism in the future so that it returns to normal and becomes the main support and sector for Bali's economic growth in the future, through improving human resources and activities. real quality and of course improving the quality of service from the human resources of each business towards Quality tourism.
  10. Provide direction to business actors, especially Villa businesses, to follow the rules that have been set and complete their respective businesses so that they have the legality of the business that has been set.


BVA has the principle of working together to build Bali tourism in synergy with the Balinese government, community, tourism stakeholders to build the regional economy, improve people's welfare, preserve Bali's nature and culture, maintain security and comfort, maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding natural environment and maintain sustainable tourism. 

The programs are:

  1. Marketing & Media Relation
  2. Charity & Community Relation
  3. Training & Non formal Education
  4. Government Partner & Regulation
  5. Cleanliness, Healthy, Safe, Environment Sustainable  
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